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What some of my patients say about Homeopathy :

“I went to see a homeopath about ten years ago because I was constantly getting colds and feeling very run down. I didn’t really want to keep going to the doctor and there wasn’t anything they could give me that would help. The remedy that the Homeopath gave me, really built up my resistance so I went from someone who got ill all the time, to someone who was hardly ever ill. Some symptoms that I suffered with regularly such as cold sores disappeared completely. I continued to go to the Homeopath to treat a variety of illnesses and difficulties”

“What I liked about it was the time the homeopath spent with me to find out about me and the remedies were for me and no one else.”

“When l first saw Sue I was suffering from a lung weakness, too much mucous, that made me lose my voice every eve. I was soon helped. This also gave me extreme tiredness which Sue helped with Arsenicum and this still aids me on tough days. I have two areas of stenosis in spine which make my walking unbalanced. Rhus helps counteract this daily. Pain in spine is relieved by Sue's research”

“The relationship you have with your homeopath is very different to one you have with your doctor. My homeopath knows me and knows things about me that even some of my friends do not know. It feels like a confessional sometimes when I visit her! In the past few years, when I have struggled with low mood, homeopathy has helped me enormously and enabled me to continue with my life and start to feel happier.”

“Recently, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and throughout the traditional treatments, homeopathy helped me heal better and cope with the trauma of what was going on.”

“Homeopathy has become like a support system in my life and it is my first port of call when I am ill or emotionally low. I know that the remedies are not damaging to my system and I do not have to worry about side effects.”

“I will continue to use homeopathy in my life and although traditional medicine will always have a place, it will be my homeopath who will be supporting my body and my emotional life for the rest of my life.?”

“Homeopathy helped me to shift some very ‘stuck’ cogs. It has helped me move some things in me that have needed to be looked at… I feel more in control and less overwhelmed. Physically I have suffered from eczema for over 10 years. My GP has only been able to prescribe steroid cream for these but this has no lasting effects. The patches had almost gone in less than 3 months of seeing my homeopath and now I feel more in control. I love the idea that my own body has the capacity to heal itself.”