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Feel free with Homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a natural system of medicine which aims to work with the body's own ability to heal itself. It is holistic in that it helps towards health in all areas including mental, emotions and physical spheres. It can treat a whole host of complaints from recent and short lived (acute) like coughs and sore throats to long term (chronic) conditions such as asthma, eczema, symptoms of chronic fatigue etc the list is endless.

Homeopathic medicines are called 'remedies' and are derived from natural substances and prepared in specialist pharmacies. Remedies are safe and easy to take in tablet form or liquids.

Remedies can be taken along side other medication given by your doctor if necessary. They can also assist with the healing process after accidents, surgery or child birth. Homoeopathic remedies cannot cause side effects and you cannot become addicted to them.

My aim is to help you towards full health.

True health involves more than just the mechanics or physical parts of the body. Homeopathy looks at the relationship between the body, the mind and the emotions. In order to understand you as an individual I need to know all about you. You may not have been given the opportunity to explore your inner feelings in a safe and comfortable environment now is your chance to do so. We will take time to talk about your likes, dislikes, lifestyle, anxieties etc. Homeopathy is much more than a talking therapy, I will encourage you to tell your story in which ever way you like and it is then my job to unravel all the threads.

I will then find a remedy which matches your symptoms eg. If you have hay fever with a runny nose which smarts and burns underneath, and your eyes are swollen, red with watery tears. I would be looking at the remedy Allium Cepa which of course is the onion. These are the similar symptoms which you might get when you peel and onion.

A remedy is worked out just for you. No two people are alike, you are unique and my aim is to treat you as such. You may have several concerns and I will take them all into account.

Since medicine began it has been known that there is a capacity for healing within us. All you may need is a little help to harness your self-healing power. In longer term conditions such as repeated head aches or depression the body’s reserves are low and the body’s vitality is often too depleted to do this without help. Over many years this self healing ability has had many names prana in India, chi in China and the vital Force in Europe.

Health care is undergoing huge changes and all over the world it is recognise that there is more to health than being physically fit. I offer a way of maintaining your health that is subtle and effective.

Remember that you have a choice about how you feel.

Homeopathy can help with all kinds of health issues :

Women's Concerns :

Period problems - can be treated successfully by looking at the symptoms that are unique to you. By asking questions about the sensations, discomforts and accompanied symptoms such as back or head pain. What type of flow, how does it present, is the period long short, heavy or scanty?

The menopause - to HRT or not to HRT that is the question? The menopause is often thought of as a necessary evil full of hot flushes, awkward periods, flooding and mood swings. Many women experience one or more of these symptoms. Homoeopathy can help at this time.

Pregnancy and beyond - each pregnancy is unique and homoeopathy treats it as such. Many beneficial results can be seen at all stages from morning sickness, tiredness, backaches, water retention and many more.

Preparation for the birth - labour can be a difficult time for both mother and baby, not to mention dad. Our remedies can help before and during birth. They can aid recovery after an episiotomy or C section, Help is also at hand with breast feeding discomforts.

And your new baby - babies and children respond readily to homoeopathic treatment and remedies can be given easily and safely.

Childrens Issues :

Do you recognise this : - Your baby is 8 months old. Your usually content easy going baby has been up during the night ...and so have you. He is crying with pain and wants a cuddle. His nappy is unusually smelly and he has a runny nose.

He is teething - ...again and it is a slow process. Homoeopathy can help not only with the teething but with the diarrhoea and runny nose.

Childhood illnesses - Homoeopaths believe that childhood illnesses such as chickenpox, measles, etc are not such a bad thing, however symptoms can be helped.

Men's issues :

Homeopathy can help with all kinds of health issues such as stress. Stress is a much overused word these days and can describe a multitude of emotional and mental states. Pressures of work, midlife crises, the challenges of retirement and other traumas take their toll.

When a patient comes with stress related illnesses I need to know why you are experiencing it and in what particular way. You are unique and show stress in a different way than your mates do.

Men seem to be less careful about looking after their health than women: it is not only your physical health that suffers. Maybe you tend to ignore these early signs and just carry on - it is not surprising when a crisis develops. This may be a physical injury, emotional trauma, or depression, anxiety, fear of failure, headaches associated with stress and high blood pressure. There are many remedies that can help.

Men are increasingly turning to homeopathy for their sexual health problems. It can successfully treat all kinds of conditions and can help with the problems men experience - skin disorders, respiratory, circulatory and digestive conditions, migraine, impotence, urinary functions and many more.

Why suffer in silence ?
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