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Welcome to the KH Design and Development web pages !

KH Design and Development is owned and run by myself, Dr. Karel Hladky, and has been trading for over 21 years.

I have some 41+ years of experience of corrosion, corrosion measurement and corrosion control, both academic and practical, together with a wide experience of design of electronic circuitry for electrochemical corrosion measurements and monitoring.

I enjoy innovation and development of practical hardware. Over the years, many people and companies have used and profited from my original ideas.

I was involved in the early development of electrochemical corrosion measurement techniques such as electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and electrochemical noise. Multi-technique corrosion measurement and distributed corrosion monitoring were my ideas also, as was the measurement of corrosion in concrete using surface mounted probes and many others.

I can provide consultancy and advice on all aspects of electrochemical techniques of corrosion measurement and control, including those of linear polarisation resistance measurement, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, electrochemical noise measurement and cathodic protection.

I can also consult on all aspects of corrosion measurement and control hardware design, development and use, including data collection, analysis and interpretation.

I also have experience of civil engineering applications of corrosion measurement, such as the measurement of reinforcement corrosion in concrete.

I hope that you will find your visit to this web site informative.

Karel Hladky

27 October 2016

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